Wouldn’t it be great to buy a car that you don’t have to budget for? Well thanks to Powell Auction House you can. With a public car auction in Knoxville, you can find a great vehicle at a great price and best of all it won’t take years to pay off.

Powell Auction House for public and online auctions could be the answer if you have been pondering and/or stressing about that car you promised your teenage son.

A Public Car Auction Make Sense

Buying a car at an auction makes sense as long as you check out the inventory before you start buying. You don’t want to get stuck with a project car.

While there are some great deals to be had with Powell Auction House, you’ll want to bring someone along to the inspection if you aren’t that knowledgeable about vehicles. Don’t forget when it comes to public car auctions all sales are final.

Even if you think you are handy, but aren’t too sure when it comes to cars and trucks, don’t be tempted. Having someone along to help you inspect the vehicle for public auction will alleviate any problems that might occur.

No More Driving Duties

Buying your son a car is a great idea. Not only does it free you up from chauffeur duties, it also keeps your budget in check. Furthermore, you just might find that muscle car that your 17 year old has been dropping hints about.

Powell is always listing great public auctions where you can find the best car for your son. Check out a public auto auction beforehand.

With Powell Auction House you can even see what the car looks like with an inspection before the public or online auto auction. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Public Car Auction for Christmas

If you would like to give your son the car of his dreams start looking now. Powell is always adding new auctions to its lineup. Checkout local auctions today.