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Whatever You Want

Real estate auctions aren’t the only thing that you will find when you subscribe to Powell Auction House. In addition to acres of land in Sevierville you can also bid on cars, antiques, firearms and collectibles.

Whatever you need or collect you will always find it, well, nearly always. People who frequent public and online auctions with Powell Auction are always coming back for more. In fact, you won’t find anyone who doesn’t love how professional this auction house in Knoxville is.

Old Fashioned with a Modern Twist

While Powell Auction House offers the best in online auctions the team doesn’t cut corners when it comes to customer service.

Always available both online and onsite, call for more info, you will have the help you need whether you are looking for something to buy or have a classic car that you want to put on the auction block.

Powell Auction House Vehicles

Looking for a car has never been easier and better on your wallet. Used cars are going for nearly as much as they did when they were on the lot. Skip the overpriced Toyotas and check out the public auto auctions from Powell.

The team in Knoxville is always putting classic cars and much more under the hammer. Don’t be surprised if you discover a nearly new Jetski or travel trailer. With that being said you will never know if you don’t follow this blog.

Powell Auction House

See what the month has to offer. You will have the time of your life. Check out the website today.