While you may not think of an auction house in Tennessee as a gift store it can be, especially if you have a collector in the family.

Powell in Knoxville is always holding online and public auctions that have treasures you won’t find elsewhere. In addition some of those treasures can actually be worth a fortune.

Collectors and Public Auctions

Although most collectors spend weekends at yard, estate and garage sales smart buyers are subscribed to Powell for updates. What that means for you is the inside scoop of what is coming up for auction in Knoxville.

Whatever you, your friends or family members collect you are bound to discover it sooner rather than later.

The Powell Auction House is never one to disappoint. In fact, everyone in the area trusts this auction house. Even the police hold their vehicle compound auctions with this house in Knoxville.

You never know what you will find when you sign up for auction alerts from Powell in Knoxville.

Real Estate is Thriving

In addition to collectables and cars you will also discover real estate auctions like you have never seen. It truly is a buyer’s market and if you are looking for a new home look no further than Powell Auction House for the home of your dreams.

This month sees an abundance of real estate auctions that you can snap up for next to nothing. With online bidding setting the precedence you won’t be disappointed when you start bidding on auctions with Powell in Knoxville.

Some of the auctions include an estate on Anteelah Trail and 40 acres of land in Mascot. You never know what will go under the hammer when you become a subscriber of the Powell Auction House in Knoxville.

Powell Auction House

If you want to get the inside scoop subscribe to auction alerts with Powell Auction House in Knoxville. You will never be disappointed.

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