If you are liquidating your parent’s estate, you need a professional to help you get the job done. Dealing with a loved one’s assets is tough enough on its own, but when you add grieving to the mix, you may not get the job done properly. Of course, you can always hold yard sale after yard sale, or do the smart thing and contact Powell Auction if you are liquidating your parent’s estate.

What is an Asset Auction?

When you contact Powell Auction about liquidating your parent’s estate, more people will know about your sale. Because the auction is held offsite at the auction house, in most cases, the estate sales are better publicized. The pricing and clearing process will be quicker as well. If you have had a yard sale before, you know how much people like to haggle. With an auction, the starting price is set and ready to go when the bidding starts.

The Auction Process

If you are in the process of liquidating your family’s estate, you can be assured that Powell Auction will come and pick everything up, except the garbage of course.

Depending on your contract, your auction could be held within a couple of weeks after pickup. Best of all, after the auction is over, you don’t have to take home the leftovers, as they will be donated to a good cause. If you have more valuable items that you would like to auction off, Powell Auction may consider holding a special auction for each item to get you a better price.

One Stop Auction House

Once of the biggest advantages of Powell Auction is that it is an all in one auction house. If your parents owned a house that you have to sell, talk to Powell Auction about a real estate auction for your parent’s property.

If you are liquidating your parents estate, call or click and talk to the experts from Powell Auction who can help you take care of everything sooner rather than later.

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