One of the best places to shop for gifts for the person who has everything is Powell Auction House.

While you may think it’s odd to shop for presents at an Auction House in Knoxville it really isn’t, especially if the person you have in mind is a collector of real estate, guns and coins or Coca Cola collectibles.

Firearms and Ammunition Gifts

Speaking of firearms and collectible gun gifts in Knoxville you will love what is coming up in October with the Powell Auction House. You’ll find all types of firearms including the antique kind.

You won’t want to miss the new auction coming up on the 10th of October. This online only consignment firearms and ammunition auction features ridiculous deals on Beretta double barrel shot guns and much more.

You can also bid on a Winchester .35 REM rifle and authentic WWI and WWII fighting knives. It really is a collector’s dream auction in Knoxville.

Personal Property Extravaganza

Powell Auction House always has personal property and estate auctions. Who knows, you may stumble upon a Mother Mary Blow mold for your Christmas display or the last piece for your Mothers china set. You will never know what you may find at a personal property auction in Knoxville.

On October 7 shop for that certain someone at the online only personal property auction where you’ll find everything and anything. Bid on Civil War memorabilia and check out the final list on October 4th.

Auctions for Everyone

Regardless of how difficult your friend of family member is to buy for you will always find something at a Powell Auction. With a bit of luck you may even find that classic Mustang that you have had your eye on. After all, you are allowed to buy yourself a gift as well.

For more information on past, present and future auctions, check out the Powell Auction auctions page. You’ll be glad you did and so will everyone else on your gift list.