One of the best places to find hidden treasures is a public auction. While you may have an idea of what is available.

Public auctions are a lot like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get until you open the box.

Public Auctions for a Little of Everything

Powell Auction House in East Tennessee holds all types of auctions. If you are looking for the car of your dreams, you just may find it at a public car auction. Powell Auction House holds regular car auctions with unbeatable prices. Who knows, you just may find that old 1965 Sunbeam that has eluded you for years.

The best auction house in East Tennessee also holds regular real estate auctions, estate auctions, coin auctions, liquidation auctions and firearms auctions.

Check it Out and Bid

These days some public auctions are held publicly, online, or both. Powell Auction House has a list of ongoing auctions that are sure to please every buyer.

Coming up in October is the online only coin auction that is sure to excite the coin collectors. With Morgan and Peace Dollars, Gold Coins, Indian Head Pennies, Washington Quarters and Walking Liberty Halves you are sure to find something you must have.

Another auction you will want to check out in October is the Autos and Tools Auction. The online only auction includes a 2012 Corvette, a Kubota Tractor, machine shop tools and more. You won’t want to miss this auction. Check out the Powell Auction website for more details.

Online and Public Auctions are Fun

Auctions are fun whether you are bidding online or attending a public auction. Make a day of it, bring the family, and don’t forget your checkbook as you are bound to find something at the Powell Auction House.

Check out the website for more details on public auctions in Knoxville today.