If you are considering an estate sale, let Powell Auction House in East Tennessee do the work for you. Estate sales aren’t that easy to deal with and are especially hard if you haven’t come to terms with your loss.

Powell Auction House helps take the burden out of an estate sale by holding estate auctions. You can choose to do the sale onsite or have the contents of the sale delivered to the Powell Auction House in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

The Benefits of Estate Auctions


While there are many benefits estate auctions, one of the biggest advantages is time and money. Estate sales are more like garage and yard sales in that you will usually take less than what you are asking.

Estate auctions on the other hand are run differently with the item going to the highest bidder. If your grandmothers antique vase collection is worth thousands Powell Auction House will make sure you get the best price.

The Hard Work is Done For You

The team from Powell Auction House in East Tennessee are experts. They will tell you how much they think your items are worth and what you can expect to be paid. People are also more inclined to haggle at an estate sale where there is no haggling at an estate auction.

The appraisers from Powell Auction House are continually keeping abreast of the value of things. If you are selling a house and its entire contents, Powell will market your upcoming estate auction to as many people as possible.

With Powell Auction House, you can choose a live or online only auction. You can also do both, it really is up to you.

An Estate Auction for Peace of Mind

Estate auctions help provide peace of mind. Call and talk to a team member from Powell Auction House today.