You don’t have to be the chauffer when you go to a public car auction. Your son or daughter will find a car that is dependable and downright cheap.

Powell Auction House in Knoxville has the best public car auctions.

It’s easy to find a car from a public car auction, but as Powell Auction recommends it is best to take someone with you who knows something about cars. All cars are sold as is with no warranty. You will want to take as close a look as possible if you are purchasing a vehicle from a public car auction.

What is a Public Car Auction?

Public car auctions are held for government vehicles, vehicles that have been impounded and used cars that have been in inventory from a car lot.

Public auctions are open to everyone with a mix of different types of vehicles. Although all vehicles have been checked out, there are no warranties at a public car auction. Everything is sold as is.

Car Auctions All Year Round

September 15 Powell Auction is holding a Public Auto Auction. At this auction, you can buy like the dealers do and snap up a bargain. You will never know what you will find when you spend the day at a public car auction from Powell Auction.

Powell Auction holds public car auctions all year round. Coming up on October 10 is the City of Knoxville Impound Auction. You will not want to miss this awesome auction at the Powell Auction house.

A Public Car Auction for a Bargain

If you have had your eye on a luxury car, but couldn’t afford it, the car of your dreams is waiting at a Powell Auction house.

Check the listings for public car auctions, real estate auctions, estate auctions and more on the Powell Auction website. Check it out now.