Losing someone close is never easy. However, if you were left with an estate full of items you have no idea what to do with, a public estate auction could be the answer.

Powell Auction in Knoxville Tennessee has been helping people just like you deal with the loss of a family member or friend. Powell Auction understands how heartbreaking going through things can be and will do their best to ease the Burden.

Why a Public Estate Auction Works

Because you are receiving more attention with a public estate auction, you will sell more items. Of course, you could have an estate sale at your home, which will usually give you better prices than a yard sale, but you still don’t have the marketing reach that you have with Powell Auction House.

Advertising on their website and through other avenues helps the world know about your public estate auction.

Powell is serious about your public auction. Because they care about their business, the team does their best to get the true value of your items. If your Great Grandpa was a Civil War memorabilia collector, you’ll fare much better at a public estate auction.

Estate Sales Don’t Work

One of the biggest problems with estate sales is worth. If you are not an expert, you may let something go for far less than it is actually worth. Before items go on the block at a public auction, they will be priced accordingly. You won’t’ have to worry about your dad’s priceless liquor bottle collection going for $10.00.

Another problem people have with estate sales is there is literally no stopping the early birds. With an auction, everyone has a chance to bid on the items, not just the guy who arrived 15 minutes before your sale started.

Call Powell Auction House for a Quote

Before you run an ad in your local paper for an estate sale, call and talk to a team member from Powell Auction House about a public estate auction. After all, that’s what your family members would want.

Call today.