A Knoxville Auction can help take the stress out of selling your parents estate, and if you aren’t having luck selling off mom and dad’s assets, a Knoxville Auction and Reality company may be the way to go. Powell Auction & Reality LLC can help you sell your family home and everything else from the estate.

Open to the Public

Every month Powell Auction & Reality have amazing auctions open to the public. July sees public auto auctions, special consignment night auctions, private collection auctions, coin and currency auctions and much more. Specializing in real estate, equipment, vehicles, coins and firearms, antiques and entire estates, Powell Auction and Reality has over 44 years of auction experience and can organize, market and hold your successful auction just like the family owned and operated company has done since 1972.

No More Headaches

If the thought of an estate sale every weekend for the rest of the summer gives you a headache, talk to Powell Auction & Reality about an estate auction. Everyone knows how stressful estate sales can be, especially if you have to deal with the memorial and the wake. Powell Auction & Reality will take the headache out of selling your relative or friends assets.

Online Only Auctions

Unlike other auction and realty sale houses in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, Powell Auction & Reality offers clients online only auctions where people can hold a Knoxville auction on the World Wide Web without having to burden themselves with an in person auction.

Previous Auctions

Some of the previous estate auction and reality successes include the Public Auto Auction in Knoxville, the Phil King Estate Sale, the Hawkins District County Seizure Auction, and just yesterday the Nolichucky View Golf Course Auction in Greenville, TN.

Upcoming Events

You won’t want to miss the Public Car Auction on July 15 in Knoxville or the Guns and Equipment Auction on July 22 in Knoxville, TN.

Take the stress out of your estate sale woes and call the professionals from Powell Auction & Reality. After all, isn’t the memorial more important than selling things you don’t want or need anymore?

Don’t waste your entire summer. Call or click for more information regarding a Knoxville auction or a real estate auction, Powell Auction & Reality Really Can Help call or click today.