Having an estate auction, especially for a dearly loved family member or friend can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Powell Auction House has the experience and the expertise to make your estate auction as painless as possible.

How Does an Estate Auction Work?

An estate auction is like any other auction in that private or public bids are made on items or lots both online and publicly at a disclosed auction house location. Powell Auction House has the facilities to hold large estate auctions for estates of all sizes. If your grandmother’s 15-bedroom Southern mansion was filled to the brim with furniture and what would be deemed as collectibles today, Powell Auction will make sure that you get a fair price for every item that your grandmother treasured.

Pricing and Valuing an Estate Auction

The experts from Powell Auction will do their best to start each item at the going price. Unlike a yard, garage, or even an estate sale, you aren’t getting what is on the price tag. If you have a Tiffany Lamp that belonged to your mother, you will get a much better price at an estate auction.

Because an auction is like a box of chocolates, some of the pieces that you thought were worthless could actually be priceless. Collectors often prefer estate auctions to garage sales, as they know what they are getting into before the auction begins.

Can I Display My Items Beforehand at an Estate Auction?

Powell Auction makes it easy to show potential bidders what your items look like before the hammer falls. Attach detailed photos of your late sisters doll collection. When you post them with the listing you will fare much better.

Mourning the loss of someone you love is not easy. Not only are you sad for the loss, but you are also sad for the material items left behind.

Let Powell Auction help you get over some of the pain with an estate auction. Call or click for more details today.