If you have been thinking about having a long overdue estate sale, reconsider that thought. An estate auction is a better idea and will be a much better option.

Auctions can be extremely lucrative and is popular, especially these days. Holding a public or online auction will give you better results and fewer headaches.

Collectors are Still Collecting

While some things may have slowed down, hard core collectors are still hunting for that one piece to complete the collection whether they collect old coins or firearms.

Estate auctions bring in the crowds and are much easier to deal with if someone else handles the details.

Powell Auction House to the Rescue

It all started back in 1972 when Powell Auction House began auctioning real estate, firearms, coins, estates, vehicles and more.

Now with offices in Union County and Knoxville there is no excuse not to get started on your Grandfathers estate in Gatlinburg.

Why your Estate Auction will Work

Estate auctions have always been popular, but even more so today. Because of what has happened over the past year and a half, some people would rather do business virtually.

With an online estate auction you can be assured that you’ll get noticed. With that being said, Powell Auction House is still holding public auctions at this time. However, you would need to call and find out what the details are if you are considering a public estate auction in East Tennessee.

Estate Sales VS an Estate Auction

If you are living out of state and don’t have time to deal with your Dad’s ranch in Clinton, call and talk to Powell Auction House and Realty. The team can rid you of the burden and your farmhouse in East Tennessee as well. If your dad was an avid gun collector Powell Auction House and Realty are also licensed federal firearms dealers.

Rest assured you’ll get market value for everything you sell at your father’s estate sale in East Tennessee.

Stop putting off your estate auction and call Powell Auction House today.