Estate Auctions are different from Estate Sales. According to Powell Auction House, estate sales are normally held at the property of the estate holder or at a disclosed location that has been hired to hold the offsite estate sale.

What is an Estate Sale?

Also referred to as tag sales, estate sales are one way of liquidating an estate. More than a yard or garage sale, estate sales are often scheduled if someone needs to downsize after the death of a friend or family member or is in the middle of a divorce.

Estate sales are also used if someone has just filed for bankruptcy or want to sell everything and travel the world. Estate sales are also used if someone is moving and downsizing and are open to the public. Unlike Estate Auctions, estate sales are priced as marked, but are often negotiable.

What is an Estate Auction?

An estate auction at Powell Auction House involves an auction that awards the item to the highest bidder. Auctions can take several hours, but you don’t have to stay for the entire Powell Auction House Estate Auction. In fact, Powell Auction House can take your bids online or over the phone. Powell Auction House also gives you ample opportunity to view the items on the auction floor before the first item goes up for sale.

How Do I find Estate Auctions?

The Powell Auction House has a list of estate sales where you can track upcoming estate auctions. Stay on top of things and that gun you have always wanted could go on the auction block. Powell Auction House makes sure their calendar of online and public auctions are kept up to date.

What Can I Find at an Estate Auction?

When you attend a public estate auction at Powell Auction House, you never know what you will find. From dolls to vintage games, vintage quilts, coins and everything, including the kitchen sink, you won’t want to miss the next Powell Estate Auction. Check out the calendar now!