Powell Auction House in East Tennessee is the best place to find hidden treasures. From public car auctions to property and estate auctions you never know what you will find when you bid online or in person at a public auction in Knoxville.

Land and More Land with Powell Auction House

All month long, you will find property auctions in East Tennessee. Coming up on June 4 is one you won’t want to miss. The 48-acre property in Maynardsville, TN is an online only auction and will be something to participate in if you are looking for the deal of the century and much more.

Other land auctions from Powell you may be interested in include a home and furnishing auction in Englewood TN and a 16-lot auction for a subdivision known as Chestnut Ridge.

Other Peoples Treasures in East Tennessee

Estate auctions are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get. Coming up this month are a few estate auctions in Knoxville that you won’t want to miss.

Coming up on June 20 is the Owens Collection auction in East Tennessee. With more than 250 firearm lots and ammo, clocks and jewelry you will find hidden treasures in this live and online auction.

Another great estate auction that you won’t want to miss is coming up on June. The Charles Edwards real estate and furnishings auction is online only and includes a 3 bedroom 2 ½ bath home in Farragut Tennessee, collectibles and glassware, kitchen and household tools and utensils and much more.

Powell Auction House is All You Need

When it comes to public and online auctions, you won’t find a better auction house than Powell. Start checking out the auctions and get ready to bid on those treasures of a lifetime. You will not be disappointed. Check out Powell Auction House now.