A liquidation sale is just that, a liquidation sale. Powell Auction lists the best liquidation sales for estates and foreclosed properties. When you choose Powell Auction as your listing auction site for your liquidation sale, you can be assured that you will be getting the best prices on antiques, furnishings, and even appliances.

However, as Powell Auction explains, there are several ways to liquidate your belongings that you no longer need, or assets that you are being forced to get rid of, but what liquidation method is best for your needs?

Garage Sales and Online Selling

You can have a garage or estate sell, sell your items online or on eBay, but that takes time and times is money. With online sales, you have to take pictures, list the items, and answer any questions about a certain item, which could take days or even weeks. A garage sale is quick and easy, but you will never get the money that you would from a liquidation sale with Powell Auction.


One of the quickest ways to liquidate your assets is to call a used furniture, independent dealer or an antique dealer. The two of you can agree on the price, you get your cash and the dealer gets your stuff, however the fastest and easiest always leads to less money.

An Auction for your Liquidation Sale

A dealer will do a mental appraisal for your liquidation sale, not item by item, consider the cost of advertising and storing and will decide on a price that fits his or her budget. The dealer must also consider that some of your items may not sell. The dealer is not trying to cheat you, just offer you a fair price considering his considerations.

If you aren’t pressured for time, an auction could be the best for your needs. With a Powell Auction, you can be assured that your items will be properly stored and sold giving you the best money for your valuables.

Selling your furniture, antiques, cars or anything else of value doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it won’t be when you work with Powell Auction. Powell Auction will help you take the grunt work out of selling your assets.

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