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A public car auction takes the burden out of purchasing a new vehicle. Because everyone knows how time-consuming car shopping can be, a car auction is a great idea.

Buying a used car can be a nightmare. Spending multiple weekends at the car mall takes time and time is money. If you are mechanically inclined, or know someone who is, public car auctions could be the way to go.

What is a Public Car Auction?

A public auto auction allows people to bid on vehicles. As a result, this means you’ll pay much less, than you would at a dealership.

While most car auctions sell used cars, occasionally you will find a public auction held by a car dealership that is offloading unwanted cars, trucks, and vans. Unfortunately, most of the time those types of auctions are held by licensed car dealers.

Powell Auction House holds public car auctions on a regular basis and is the best place to find a great car, van, truck, SUV or motorcycle at a great price. In fact, sometimes you can even find boats and off-road vehicles at a public car auction.

What You Should Know about Public Car Auctions

Unlike your local car dealership, you can’t take the car that you are interested in for a test drive. Consequently, every vehicle at the Powell Auction House is sold as is. Also,  it’s a good idea to take someone with you who is mechanically inclined if you don’t have a clue about motor vehicles.

Powell Auction holds auctions that are open to the public. Some auto auctions in East Tennessee are only open to licensed auto dealers.

Find a Great Deal on a Used Car

Save time and money, and check out this month’s public auto auction list on the Powell Auction House website. Firstly, you will find a car, secondly, you will be happy with it.

You won’t believe the great deals that you will find at a public car auction. Check it out today.