A public auction house is one of the best ways to auction your property, sell your assets, or get rid of your mother’s estate. Holding an auction for your prized art collection or scheduling a public auction with Powell auction is also an excellent way to get rid of your gun collection.

Public Auction House Online and Offline

Powell Auction has been helping people get rid of property, estate items, furniture and more with both online only and public auctions. Powell Auction House also holds public auctions where you can bid online as well.

Every week it seems as if Powell Auction has got something going on from car auctions to firearms auctions. You can even bid online for real estate in an online only auction.

Check out the home page and you will find all of the May auctions listed. This month Powell Auction is holding an online coin auction, a public car auction, and a bankruptcy property auction. If you are interested in the online only City of Knoxville Surplus Delinquent Tax Property Auction you won’t be disappointed.

Delinquent Tax Property Auction

On the auction block for the delinquent tax property auction are parcels that you will not want to pass by. Happening all month long, Powell Auction House is ready to move these delinquent tax properties at unbelievable prices. As a result, you will save money. You never know what you will get when you start bidding on delinquent tax property with Powell Auction.

Finding the property of your dreams at just pennies on the dollar is easy when you bid online for delinquent property. You would be amazed at how many people have saved tens of thousands of dollars with an online auction house.

Buying or selling is easy with a public auction from Powell Auction. Call or click and talk to a representative from Powell Auction today.