A public auction house is the only place to look for a bargain. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find your dream car, the house of your dreams or the last neon sign you need for your collection. Public auctions are a bargain hunters dream.

Powell Auction House in Knoxville offers all sorts of public auctions that include estates, property, cars, coins, and firearms.

Powell Auction Public Auctions

Coming up on April 3 is an amazing live and online public auction from Powell Auction House. Best of all, you don’t have to have a dealer’s license to bid on vehicles.

Starting at 9:00 sharp, you will not want to miss this public auto auction on Saturday April 3rd at the Powell Auction House in Knoxville. Check back for a list of vehicles available.

Man Cave Items in Knoxville

You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Powell Auction House who are always bringing you unique public auctions in Knoxville. For example, coming up on April 10th is the online only Man Cave Auction.

This awesome event features pool table and poker table lights, neon beer signs, disco balls, a pool table and an air hockey table. Bid the right amount and you can even take home a pool table and some scuba diving equipment.

Bankruptcy Public Auctions in Knoxville and Beyond

If you are in search of a real bargain, you won’t want to miss the bankruptcy plus online auction. With five parcels up for bid, some with dwellings, you are sure to find a great property for yourself or as an investment. Bankruptcy auctions are an excellent way to scoop up the deal of the century.

Bargains and More with Powell Public Auction House

If you are looking for a bargain check out the upcoming auctions with Powell Public Auction House today.