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Saying an auction is an interesting event is an understatement. It is “the event”.  We don’t have to qualify it anyway. A live auction comes with such an adrenaline rush that will throw you in an emotional roller coaster from the beginning to the end. How would you describe experiencing excitement, disappointment, shame, regret and pride within 15 minutes or less at Knoxville Estate auctions? Interesting? No!

With the thrill that comes with an auction, it is only reasonable that we get something from the sale. And what you can bid for ranges from houses, vehicles, antiques, guns, to coins and sports gear. These are just a few examples. So, you don’t have to go home packed with emotions and nothing to show for it.

We understand the dynamics of today’s life. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to come in person to our auctions. You can join our online bidding platform and make a purchase. We do not forget where we came from. For our conservative clients whose auction can’t be complete without the dramatic effect of the gravel, the public auction is here to stay.

The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Real Estate Auction

When it comes to buying homes, getting the best deal is the priority. We understand how important this investment is to you. We schedule both online and public auctions to help you access our services at your convenience. At the comfort of your couch, make an appointment to visit our website on March 22 at 7 P.M. or March 27 at noon. We have great deals for you.

Vehicle Auction

Vehicle auctions come up more frequently than you think.  We have car auctions, police and sheriff vehicles auctions and impound auctions. If you are a frequent visitor to our website, you won’t miss what you are looking for. Speaking of missing, the month of March comes with three public auto auction events. You can’t miss out on this. 

We give you the platform to not only assess different firearms but also bid for them. Other products that we auction include coins, antique collections, furniture, and jewelry.

Our Personalized Sellers Guide

With over five decades in the auction industry, we are the go-to auction company in case you need your property, furniture, collectibles or other belongings sold. With our expertise, we ensure your property is successfully sold at a fair price. You don’t have to hold on to those collectibles for years, neither should you be forced to live on a property in a location that’s not ideal for you. We have the solution.

As your trusted and reliable auction company, we are dedicated to ensuring your property gets the best possible price in the market. We offer a free evaluation of your assets and give you honest feedback on what to expect.

Can’t wait to meet you

Whoever came up with the phrase, you can’t have it all, probably didn’t have us in mind because we have it all. Our public and online auctions are diverse as they can be. We have several auctions every month offering the best merchandise. All you need to do is visit our website frequently because your next prized possession could be with us. Learn more about our services at 

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