If you are tired of having estate sale after estate sale for your late father’s estate, it’s time to call in the professionals from Powell Auction for an estage auction.

After endless offers that you refused for antiques that were worth far more, you probably learned the hard way, especially if you let go some vintage collectibles go that were worth far more. Had you held an estate auction, we would have fared much better.

True Value with and Estate Auctions

The people who frequent home estate sales rarely want or can pay the price you are asking. If you Googled an estimate of worth and are offered way less than what your item is selling on eBay, it’s best to put it aside. Chances are you have several items that you’ll be setting aside.

Once you have set aside your items, have you allowed yourself the time to sell? Listing items on eBay or any other online marketplace is time consuming. Chances are you don’t have the time or the expertise to list your father’s estate in the digital marketplace.

The Experts from Powell Estate Auction House

Team members from Powell  Auction love what they do. From appraising your dad’s collectibles to his antique art collection, you’ll get a true estimate of what your antiques and collectibles are actually worth, and you can bet, that appraisal will be worth far more than your neighbor offered you for that Tiffany lamp.

When you call Powell Auction, you’ll get an expert to inspect every item. From large to small estates, you are dealing with professionals who only want the best. The thrill of the auction is apparent in both the auction goers and the Powell Auction team.

Take the covers off the furniture and unpack those boxes. The experts from Powell Estate Auction House are waiting for your call and will give you the best publicity possible. Your late father’s antiques and collectibles will go for the price they are worth, not what the yard salers want to pay.

Call Powell Auction for more information today.