If you are tired of what’s on offer at the local strip mall it’s time to check out the public and online auctions in Knoxville.

Public and online auctions in Knoxville are treasure hunts and have so much for everyone. Public and online auctions in Knoxville never disappoint either.

You Never Know What You Will Find

Powell has unique and one of a kind items that are sure to impress whether you are looking for something for yourself or want to impress the love of your life for a birthday. From classic cars to guns and ammunition you are always in for a surprise. 

Public and Online Auctions House in Knoxville

Every month offers different types of auctions. Sometimes you may find online estate auctions and other times you may find classic Coca Cola collectibles.

Powell Auction House will certainly keep you guessing if you are attending a 90 year olds estate auction.

Collectibles You Can’t Resist

Sometimes a great piece shows up at auction that you won’t be able to resist. For example, on March 10 the Powell Auction House in East Tennessee is holding a personal property online auction.

This awesome auction is loaded with hidden treasures that include a houseful of small and large antique and vintage furniture, Civil War prints, signed Wedgewood Jasperware and Waterford Crystal figurines. If you are a book lover this is your place as well. 

You won’t want to miss this online auction in Knoxville. This is especially true if you love dolls as this auction features a composition Shirley Temple doll ready for the auction block.

Public and Online Auctions in Knoxville

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