An auction of any kind takes planning. From estate auctions to car auctions it takes extensive planning to pull it off. Thankfully, Powell Auction has been doing it for decades.

When you work with Powell Auction, your property is assessed at market value and will be auctioned off as such. You won’t have to worry about a shady auction house undervaluing your coin or gun collection.

Your Valuables Treated as Such

Powell Auction treats your valuables like their own. When you drop off your grandmother’s china collection or your grandpas treasured tin toy collection they will be looked after. Powell Auction has invested in your valuables. The last thing they want is to damage your great grandmother’s 300-year-old side table.

Assessing your Valuables for an Auction House

Of course, the experts from Powell Auction will inspect your valuables before going to auction. However, it is recommended that you sort through before you drop off your auction pieces, especially if you have some treasured artwork that was not meant for the auction block.

If you need help valuing your pieces before you go to auction call and talk to the experts from Powell Auction House. The professionals may be able to recommend valuable sources when it comes to valuing your up for auction items.

Pricing and Inspection

Unfortunately, that old Tiffany lamp may not be the real deal. What you thought would bring you 10 or 20 thousand may only bring in two or three. When Powell Auctions values your property there will not be any nasty surprises. With that being said, it could go the other way with worthless pieces bringing much more than expected.

If you are thinking about holding an auction for your valuables, call or click and schedule a consultation with Powell Auction. You never know what you have until you find out. Call for a consultation and valuation for an auction today.