An Estate Auction puts an end to the arguments. If you and your family are at odds with your parents estate Powell Auction is here to help.

Unlike an estate sale, you will not have to worry about family members giving everything away. If you know that your Dads fishing lure collection is worth a fortune, but your sister disagrees, an Estate Auction in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee is the way to go.

An Estate Auction for Peace of Mind

When you trust your estate with Powell Auction, you will have peace of mind. Just ask the family of Luther, “Bud,” Denton. The online auction from Powell Auction House is coming up on February 17 with viewing on the 15th.

You can bet the family is happy that Powell Auction House is handling the estate, which includes one of a kind items from the Bud Denton Lincoln General Store on Lincoln Road in Alcoa Tennessee. Just some of the items in the auction include Coca-Cola Collectibles, 45-RPM records, Milk Bottles, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, and vending machines.

Why an Estate Auction is Better than a Sale

Even if you are considering hiring someone to handle your estate sale, you can bet there will be haggling involved. With an Estate Auction, the highest bidder wins. You won’t find many lowballers at a Powell Estate Auction.

If your family is planning to save time and money handling an estate sale at home, it could divide the lot of you. What your brother thinks is a fair price for your moms old sewing machine could be totally off base. You and your family will have to research as well so that you can price items accordingly. This takes time, and as you know, time is money.

Leave it to the Experts

Take the hassle out of the liquidation process and leave your estate auction in the hands of the experts from the Powell Auction House in Tennessee. It pays to leave the details to the professionals, especially if you do not want a family feud at the end of the process.

Call for a no obligation consultation with Powell Auction House today.